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Friday, January 15, 2010

IGT Part Inspection

IGT Part Inspection

More, better, faster is probably the mantra of every manufacturer, especially as it applies to quality inspection.
Level 3 Inspection has found a solution to the more-faster-better inspection dilemma. The company has developed a SmartFAI process that combines White Light Scanning (WLS) with computer-aided-inspection (CAI).
The combination gives Level 3 the ability to perform more comprehensive inspections on parts in a shorter amount of time. The First Article Inspection SmartFAI process involves verifying every feature on the part by comparing it to a customer-supplied part print and 3D CAD model. First-article inspections are done prior to full production release and often while a part is in development.
The Level 3 approach replaces traditional plate inspection or a CMM system with WLS, which can capture and calculate precise 3D coordinates for millions of points in seconds.
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